Find the brew for you! From quaint and cozy neighborhood watering holes to sleek gastropubs, there are plenty of breweries to choose from across the state.


Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Sun Valley Brewing Company

River Bend Brewing

Sawtooth Brewery Public House

Sawtooth Brewery & Tap Room


Grand Teton Brewing Company

Idaho Brewing Company

Teton Thai

Wildlife Brewing and Pizza

Citizen 33

Snow Eagle Brewing

North Central

Shattuck Brewing

Moscow Brewing Company

Wolftrack Brewing

Heaven’s Gate Brewery

Rants & Raves Brewery

Hunga Dunga Brewing Company

MJ Barleyhoppers Brew House

Groundwork Brewing

Three Mile


MickDuff’s Brewing Company

Utara Brewing Company & Curry House

MickDuff’s Beer Hall

Hardware Brewing Co.

Trails End Brewery

Post Falls Brewing

Bent Tree Brewing

Priest Lake Brewing

Matchwood Brewing Company

Lone Mountain Farms

High Society Brewing

Radio Brewing Company

Tricksters Brewing Company

Bombastic Brewing

Laughing Dog Brewing

Westwood Brewing

North Idaho Mountain Brew and City Limits Pub

Selkirk Abbey Brewing

Paragon Brewing

Daft Badger Brewing

Mad Bomber Brewing

Kootenai River Brewing Company

Wallace Brewing Company

South Central

Koto Brewing

Magic Valley Brewing

Milner’s Gate Brewery



Star Route Brewery

Idaho Farmhouse Ales

Off the Rails Brewing

Jim Dandy Brewing

Portneuf Valley Brewing


Gerald Turner Brewing

Western Collective Brewery & Taproom

Twisted District Brew Co.

Payette Brewing Company

Loose Screw Beer Co.

Ram Restaurant & Brewery -Boise

Eight Twelve Main

McCall Brewing Company

Highlands Hollow Brewhouse

Spring Creek Brewing

Mad Swede Brew Hall

Barbarian Brewing

Edge Brewing Pub on 10th

Cloud 9 Brewery

White Dog Brewing

County Line Brewing

Mad Swede Brewing

Clairvoyant Brewing Company

Mother Earth Brewing Company

Barbarian Brewing – Downtown

Boise Brewing

Crooked Fence Brewing

Lost Grove Brewing

Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Craft Brewers of Boise

Broken Horn Brewing

Sockeye Grill and Brewery

10 Barrel Brewing

Ram Restaurant & Brewery -Meridian

Salmon River Brewery

2C Family Brewing

Bear Island Brewing

EDGE Brewing Co. & Restaurant

Crescent Brewery

Powderhaus Brewing Company

Blue Pit Brewing