Shade City Brewfest

Join us for the very first Shade City Brewfest at the Idaho Botanical Garden!

This groovy ’70s-inspired, sustainability-driven, brewfest was dreamed up by a group of people with two priorities in mind: drinking delicious beer and sharing local, sustainable business practices and ideas.

A Brewfest with a Green Heart!

Come to Shade City this April to try beers from dozens of local breweries, visit with local sustainable businesses and nonprofits, and join conversations about how to reduce our impact on Idaho’s environment.

Created by Lost Grove Brewing, Idaho Botanical Garden, and Treasure Valley Canopy Network, Shade City Brewfest has a mission to explore the ways that the brewing community and businesses around Idaho can reduce their impact on the environment while still holding fun events and enjoying local food and drinks. This two-day Brewfest will celebrate Idaho’s beer scene while generating conversations around sustainability, environmental impact, and waste reduction.

This event will give you a hangover you can feel good about.

Friday, April 22 5pm-9pm
Saturday, April 23 1pm-6pm

Apr 23, 2022

05:00 pm - 06:00 pm

2355 N Old Penitentiary Rd
Boise ID

Event Website

(208) 901-5364