NEW BEER RELEASE…just in time for Earth Day!

This new beer was brewed in collaboration with our friends from the Idaho Mushroom Club*, a community based, all volunteer, nonprofit that is dedicated to studying and enjoying the mushrooms and fungi that grow in our ecologically diverse area.

Join us for this fun release in the Tap Room as we enjoy this new Earth Day brew, while hanging out with the Idaho Mushroom Club and Brody from Ferg's Fabulous Fungi (a local mushroom farmer selling mushrooms & grow kits and answering questions about mushroom cultivation). We'll have mushroom based raffle prizes, information about local wild mushrooms & MORE!!

Shroom Boom Lager
ABV 5% | IBU 18
A beer infused with lion’s mane mushrooms, not for taste, but due to its release of nerve growth factors to induce neurogenesis, aka new nerve growth! This refreshingly delicious lager will have all the benefits of beer *wink*, along with the medicinal utility of mushrooms.

Available on draft in the Tap Room + in 16oz four-packs to-go for a limited time!

WHEN: Earth Day – Saturday, April 22nd
WHERE: Payette Brewing Tap Room from 3pm – 6pm
WHAT: New mushroom infused beer, and hangout with the Idaho Mushroom Club & Ferg's Fabulous Fungi’s!
* Previously known as the Southern Idaho Mycological Association

Apr 22, 2023

11:00 am - 10:00 pm

733 S Pioneer Street
Boise ID


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(208) 344-0011